700 Horsepower Supercharged Ford Fiesta Puts the Party in Your Pants

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The new Ford Focus RS might have that lovely light blue coat of paint and drift mode, but this Ford Fiesta has, quite literally, double the oomf of the 350-horsepower RS. Tom Blackwood’s Fiesta doesn’t need a specific button for drift mode, because it IS drift mode.

Speed Hunter Paddy McGrath found this wild one out at the Gatebil Festival at Rudskogen Motorpark in Norway. It’s a festival that, according to McGrath himself, epitomizes the idea that cars can bring people of all sizes, shapes, colors, backgrounds, experiences together for one unified passion, even if it means being extremely wasteful in an increasingly eco-conscious world.

You see, putting a fuel-burning Coyote V8 into an economy car heads in the exact opposite direction that scientists want the transportation industry to move. But who cares, this thing has 700 horsepower! McGrath left out a more detailed description of what got the engine there (it starts at a little more than 400 horsepower), but the main bump comes from a supercharger.


The build was handled by Andrew Gallagher Motorsport in Scotland, and it took about a year to complete. It’s been converted to rear-wheel drive, it has a Quaife 69G sequential transmission and a Group A specification Escort Cosworth rear end. This thing is completely ready to race. It has a complete cage, racing seats, harnesses, a gutted interior, a massive hydraulic hand brake, Compomotive wheels, AP Racing brakes, and a massive rear wing.

It has a loud presence with a completely blank, clean exterior. Just how we like it.


via [Speed Hunts / Paddy McGrath]

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