Dude Drag Races 700HP Truck With a Stuffed Unicorn & Snake on the Dash

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When looking for this week’s Truckin’ Fast Tuesday video, I was pretty excited to come across some footage of a new Ford F-150 Shelby conversion at a race track. It’s a big truck, but I couldn’t wait to see what a 700 horsepower pickup could do.

After seeing so many tuned EcoBoost and worked 5.0 liter V8 versions running into the 12 and 13 second range, I had high hopes for the Shelby. Editors note: I was even more excited when I noticed that the owner really enjoyed taking his beanie baby snake and unicorn for a fun time at the track.

After watching the video by, DancesWithBikers, I was sorely disappointed in the powerful Shelby F-150, but I believe that this supercharged truck has a whole lot more left in the tank. Don’t you?

On the first run, the Shelby goes against a pretty wicked race bike which made the truck look slow, but the first run was made in normal drive mode and 2wd only. On the second run, the driver flipped the Shelby to Sport mode and left the truck in 2wd. On that second run, the driver ran a 14.697 second time at 99.39 miles per hour.shelby-f150-racing-14s

That was as good as it got, and when he went into 4wd the times hovered in the 15s. While I understand that the Shelby F-150 weighs more than 6,000 lbs., I really expected a truck with 700 horsepower to get in the 13 second range. That being said, I wonder if part of this problem rests in the driver and his awesome driving gloves. (And beanie babies. -Ed.)

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