7 Ways to Turn Up the Badass Meter on Your Ford

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Had enough of sitting at a red light and seeing an F-series just like yours? Let’s do something about that and make your chariot as unique as you are. You can be a speedster, an all-terrain terror, or a savior to the less fortunate.

1. Off-road Package


Giving your Ford truck an off-road upgrade definitely gives it a major cred boost that says your vehicle is for more than just blacktop highways. Make your F-150 trounce through the wilderness like a crazed predator laughing the whole way, while you show Mother Earth who’s boss. You can piece your Ford together for a custom job, or purchase a package like the one ROUSH offers. No matter the direction you take, the end result will be an F-150 that stands apart from the rest.

2. Intake and Exhaust


Vroom vroom? How about VRRRROOOOMMM VRRRROOOOMMM!!! That’s the kind of upgrade you’ll get in sound when you change up the airflow in your F-150. If it can breathe better, then it can run better.

3. Throw Some Boost in It


Put some hair on your F-150’s chest and pump up the damn volume. Putting a supercharger under the hood will push your truck to the upper echelon of how fast it can go.  Everybody aboard the F-series express, choo choo mother trucker!

4. Front Bumper Winch


I know you’re a hero. You know you’re a hero. But they don’t know. Who are they? They are the people that may need your help. Throwing a front winch onto your F-150 broadcasts to the world that you are here, and you can help. It just doesn’t apply when you need to pull some sad soul out of a ditch, it’s a calling card that says, “I’m prepared and obliging.”


5. Tank Treads


We’ve already showed you what to do to in order to cover the rocks and streams. Now we show you how to get over almost EVERYTHING! Tarmac? Yup. Gravel? No problem. Snow? Fluffy water can’t get in your way. However, don’t try lava. We said almost everything, remember?

6. Brake Kit


With any of these rad upgrades you do to your F-150, it would be prudent to also modify that stopping power as well. A big brake kit like the 6-piston one Wilwood offers can and will bring the truck down to a roll quickly and without fuss. Throw the kit on and rest assured knowing your vehicle can now stop just as fast as it will speed up.

7. Get a Tune


We mean a dyno tuning, not a new song to play in your truck. What will be sweet music to your ears though, is all your new parts working perfectly together. Custom maps for power, gas savings and even a valet mode to keep the power limited while a would-be  joy rider parking attendant finds a spot to deposit your F-series. Dyno tuning is like lighting the candles on a romantic diner; it’s the last thing you should do to set everything else off just right.


For information on maintenance or repairs, please check out our do-it-yourself technical articles at https://www.ford-trucks.com/how-tos/.

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