7 Ultimate Ford Truck Bed Accessories

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When you think of truck bed accessories, you probably think of tonneau covers, bed rails, and liners. But have you ever wondered about which extraordinary accessories are available for your F-150 or Super Duty? Here are some ultimately awesome options you may not know about.


1. Seats


Ever wish you had more seating in your truck? Now you can utilize the truck bed space to safely, and legally, carry passengers along for the ride. Let the fun begin!

BedRyder Seating Systems


2. Bed Extenders Systems


Bed extenders, you guessed it, provide a secure way to extend your truck bed. Whether you’re transporting something that requires a few more inches or several feet, these kits will get the job done and are relatively inexpensive for their utility possibilities.

Lund Hitch Hand Truck Bed Extender


3. Bed Ramps


Moving day will be exponentially easier with efficient bed ramps to load and unload heavy furniture and boxes. You’ll be the go-to moving aficionado amongst family and friends, but the upside is they’ll repay you in pizza and beer, so these ramps will pay themselves off eventually.


4. Storage Box


Although this accessory isn’t the most exciting on this list, it still gets major points for convenience and durability. Consider adding a storage box to your Ford truck’s bed if you regularly find yourself haphazardly throwing tools in it. It can house fishing gear and anything else you need to organize. A storage box will provide the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your gear is.


5. Tailgate Lock


If securing items in your truck bed is a priority, then look no further than this tailgate lock by McGard. If you use your truck for travel or work-related purposes, then consider this durable yet lightweight accessory that’s easy to install.  It’s a small price to pay for knowing that no one can just walk up and open the tailgate to easily remove what’s in the bed.


6. Headache Racks


Installing headache racks is the ultimate way to protect the rear window by offering a heavy-duty barrier. Now you can load and haul lengthy items without worrying about smashing or otherwise damaging the glass.


7. Storage System

Storage system

This is a monstrous step up from the simple storage box featured earlier. This DECKED truck bed storage system is insane and features storage capabilities you’ve only dreamed of. This is definitely for the super organized Ford truck owner who prefers everything in its right place. No drilling is necessary for this particular add-on, which also features a built-in ruler, bottle opener, and conversion guide.


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