FTE Forum Member Chronicles Epic ’67 F-100 9-Year Build

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1967 F-100 Beginning

The owner of this 1967 F-100 has kept us updated on every step of the thorough frame-off rebuild.

Today, we introduce you to the 1967 Ford F-100 build thread of FTE Super Moderator “67nukeford“. Spanning almost nine years, this full frame-off restoration has been consistently updated, allowing us to watch every step of the painstaking process of transforming a rotted-out antique into a rust-free show vehicle.

The Introduction

This 1967 Ford F-100 build thread was started by Super Moderator 67nukeford back on August 30, 2009 and it was most recently updated on January 22, 2018. Over the course of almost nine years, the OP has shared countless pictures of the course of hundreds of posts. When you add in the scores of posts from other members who replied with input or questions on the build, the thread is up over 1,250 posts on 84 pages.

This was how the OP introduced us to his 1967 F-100:

After a ten year wait, I’ve finally started on the 67. Started on the tear down this weekend, here are some pics.

Along with some pictures of the truck in its “before” state (above).

A True Frame-Off Restoration

From there, it has been a long trip and the OP has done an incredible job of keeping the community updated. Along the way, he has worked to remove every piece of bad metal on the truck, but rather than replacing whole panels, in many cases he added new sheet metal. That sounds extensive, but it is actually even more detailed, as when he found rust on the outside of a panel, he figured that there was likely rust inside of that panel, so when possible, he cut panels open to fit all portions of the truck – even in areas that you cannot see once the F-100 is fully assembled.

1967 F-100 engine out

This is why the project has taken as long as it has, as the OP has basically recreated many portions of the body and undercarriage, while taking breaks during the cold winter months.

Since the project has been to lengthy, we have put together a quick summary of what the OP has done each year, along with some pictures at each step. There is also a gallery of images at the bottom of the piece, but to get the best look at the many pictures of this F-100 project, spend some time reading through the thread.

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