Instagrammer ‘Ford Girl for Life’ Shares Snowy F-150 Adventure

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Ford F-150 by fordgirlforlife on Instagram

Living the sweet life of camping and four-wheeling in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Like many of your female friends on Instagram, Nikki Marie loves good food, good beer, her dog, and Snapchat filters. She also loves Ford trucks, and that love comes through in her Instagram handle, fordgirlforlife.

Ford F-150 by fordgirlforlife on Instagram

While her truck isn’t the the most heavily modified example we’ve featured, it’s the way it’s used that drew our attention. Hailing from the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Marie makes frequent trips to Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Park. There, she likes to set up camp at Buck Creek Campground and explore the beauty and majesty of Washington’s Northern Cascade Range.

The Northern Cascade Range stretches for 700 miles from British Columbia ll the way down to Northern California. For our money, some of the best views on that range can be found in the region north of Everett, Washington, where Marie likes to camp.

Ford F-150 by fordgirlforlife on Instagram

Images of deep snow, tall trees, gorgeous mountain views, and crackling campfires fill her feed. You’ll also see a lot of her loyal camping companion, Lady Liberty — or Libby for short. If you’re Marie, life looks pretty sweet: a Ford truck, a campfire, a cold one, and a buddy.

There’s a few photos that prove that Marie isn’t afraid to get dirty, either. Her F-150 needs regular baths after weekend excursions. Having owned a few mud-loving dogs in our day, we hope for her sake that the truck is easier to keep clean than Libby.

Ford F-150 by fordgirlforlife on Instagram

The truck itself has a few tasteful upgrades. Being an FX4, it’s already pretty capable. Marie made her truck breathe better — and sound better — with a Flowmaster exhaust. We also like the red F-150 badges on the fenders, which set the white off nicely. Nikki Marie is definitely one of us, and you should consider following her on Instagram!

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