6 Ford Truck Mods for Your Dog

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Attain on-the-road convenience and comfort for your furry best friend.

Ford trucks are great for road trips, and what better way to spend a road trip than with your four-legged furball of a best friend? Here are some mods you can install in your truck to ensure your dog gets to enjoy it just as much as you do.

1. A Ramp


Ramps are especially great for older or smaller pets that can’t jump up into the cabin of your F-150 or Super Duty easily.  You can also use it to let your dog gain access to the truck bed, although it’s not recommended to drive with your dog in it unsecured. If anything, use the tailgate as a platform for giving your dog a bath!


2. A Transporting Box
Bed Crate

If your truck’s interior is full and you prefer an exterior mod, then an aluminum box will certainly do the trick to transport your dog safely.  You wouldn’t just put your kid in the truck bed, so why put your pet through unnecessary danger and discomfort? Although pricey, a box like the one pictured is a secure investment to make your pet feel safe. You can even make your own out of wood – just make sure it’s padded and can be tied down.


3. Removable Platforms / Backseat Extenders


Typically made of wood and cushions, a platform is perfect for the backseat so your dog has more room to lay and sit comfortably. The platform can extend to make a larger space and protect your seats from slobber, too. Similarly, you can make or purchase a large piece of fitted foam to insert in the backseat footrest area to make a longer, leveled seat. Pro tip: make a platform box with a hollow center to take advantage of the storage space.


4. A Hitch Step


The same principle that’s behind footrails applies to this portable hitch step for your dog. Although a bit pricey, it’ll be worth the cost to help your prized pup come along for many rides.


5. A Barrier Net


If safety is your top priority, then this barrier net is a smart install.  Although it’s a bit of an eyesore, it will prevent your dog from flying forward should you slam on your brakes or get in an accident. If your dog doesn’t like to travel wearing a seatbelt harness, then this is your next best option.


6. Storage Bin of Supplies


If you’re traveling long-distance with your dog, it’s best to keep a plastic bin full of their supplies organized within the truck or truck bed. Some essential items include towels, food and treats, favorite toys, their medicine (if necessary), and a wire brush (for sweeping up hair).  If you’ve got the room, some other great items to keep in your dog’s travel inventory are self-cooling pads, a no-spill water bowl, window sun shades, a dog car harness, and a hand vacuum.


For additional information, How-to articles, and DIY guides, visit https://www.ford-trucks.com/how-tos

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