Golden Super Duty Opportunity Emerges from Bad Accident

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6-door Super Duty

A tragic crash could have crushed FTE member’s Ford truck dreams. Instead, it inspired one badass build!

Bad things happen to everyone. But when they involve our beloved trucks, it stings just a little bit more. And when a drunk driver crushed (literally) the truck dreams of FTE member BioBurner and his killer 2002 Ford F-350, you couldn’t have blamed him for losing hope.

After spending countless hours making the truck into exactly the vehicle he has always wanted, it was all taken away in a matter of seconds.

However, instead of letting the accident get the best of him, he saw it as a golden opportunity: He would transform what was left of his truck into a “Hillbilly Stretch Limo.”

In other words, he saw an opportunity to turn tragedy into a six-door beast of a Super Duty. Well, at least once his smashed arm healed. After picking up a new 2002 F-350 daily driver, BioBurner located a six-door Super Duty cab constructed from a 2006 Lariat front section and 2002 XLT rear piece. A little bartering and the rough shell was his for the taking.

6-door Super Duty

BioBurner already had 2000 and 2009 crew cab frames in his possession, so all he needed now was a drivetrain. That came in the form of a 6.0 liter plucked from a 2006 F-550. That engine wasn’t running at the time, but a simple fix had her up and going once again.

“I bought The Hiphopopotamus F550 last Friday for CHEAP because it didn’t run. The previous owner suspected the FICM. I used my ELM327 scanner ($10 from Amazon) and Torque for Android to verify low FICM voltage while cranking. I pulled it and resoldered the pins. That solved the low FICM voltage, but it still wouldn’t start. I noticed that the HPOP was only building about 250psi while cranking, so I replaced the IPR. Success! It starts and runs!”

2009 Super Duty

The “Hillbilly Stretch Limo” project was clearly on its way. After locating most of the needed interior parts and a bed, BioBurner’s shopping list was getting shorter.

“I hope to bring my two stripped frames together this week and start cutting. One they’re cut and welded, then I’m going to strip the front sheetmetal and drivetrain from the F-550 and put it into the stretched frame. At that point I plan on pulling the heads, installing ARP head studs, new head gaskets, and a new oil cooler (that is of course barring me finding any big base engine problem when I test the compression tomorrow.)”

Then it was time for the fun part – cutting and chopping!

“We drove around town collecting the tools and supplies we needed; welding rod (6011 and 7018), new welding leads, a speed square, a scribe, some grinder blades, some more big C-clamps and some angle iron. Next we pushed the frame into the shop and began measuring, measuring and more measuring. I drew out the lines where the Z-cuts were to be and we began unceremoniously cutting!”

At this point, things were moving along rather splendidly.

“I replaced the passenger side glow plug harness, installed all new glow plugs and reassembled the intercooler piping on the hiphopopotamus F-550 last night. I’m going to drive it to the shop tomorrow and begin tearing it down. I plan on pulling the front clip off, pulling the cab off, then pulling the engine and trans and installing on the stretched frame. From there I’ll pull the heads to determine where I’m losing compression on #8 and repair ur, then I’m installing head studs, new gaskets, EGR delete, and moving the oil cooler. Once the engine is buttoned back up then I’ll drop the cab onto the stretched frame.”

After welding in some frame reinforcements, teardown began on the F-550 donor. BioBurner proceeded to clean up the newly boxed frame, painted it, and test fitted the body to it. Now the Hillbilly Stretch Limo was beginning to look like a real truck!

6-door Super Duty

Next, it was on to the body work. BioBurner and his brother spent a great deal of time cleaning up some messy welds and getting everything nice and straight. But they also invested some labor into making a rather humorous custom tailgate.

6-door Super Duty

Nearly a winter’s worth of bodywork went into making the six-door Super Duty as straight as an arrow. But it was finally finished, and a fresh coat of primer went on. And following months of hard work, the beastly truck received a fresh coat of black paint.

6-door Super Duty

And that’s exactly where she stands today. The six-door Super Duty has come together quickly over the span of the last year or so, and it’s finally headed back home for assembly. You can follow along as the Hillbilly Stretch Limo comes together here in the build thread. With goodies like a huge lift in the works, this is one build you won’t want to miss!


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Brett Foote is a longtime contributor to Internet Brands’ Auto sites, including Chevrolet Forum, Rennlist, and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other sites.

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