Why 6.7-Liter Scorpion is Freaking Awesome

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2011 Ford Super Duty

That Sweet Hot V

Over the past year or so, Ford fans have had plenty to lose their mind over. Turbo Mustangs, the new GT, an aluminum Raptor… They’ve been making moves. While that’s all well and good, there’s been a silent giant in the ranks. See, while everyone has been losing their collective minds over speedy machinery, they’ve overlooked the beast that is the 6.7L Scorpion diesel in the current generation Super Duty. Why is it so cool? Well…

It Will Tow Everything

I mean, come on. From just an aesthetic perspective, there’s an allure to the centrally mounted turbo system. It just looks cool. The “hot v” configuration was originally created in order to save space, which is true here too. Instead of having two turbos with two headers and miles of charge piping and exhaust tubing, they stuck a sequential turbo dead center. The result is less weight, less space, and the same amount of boost. Such a sexy, sexy design.

It’ll tow a semi out of a mud bog.  It’ll tow your friend’s truck with another truck on top of it. It’ll tow your house out of it’s lot by the foundation. It’ll tow the moon out of it’s orbit. Basically, it’s a beast.

Super Dutys have always been, and to be honest, most of these medium-duty trucks are. But it’s the way that it does it that’s really impressive.

Easy, Easy Power 


Speaking of boost, that sequential setup means that the Scorpion makes an absurd amount of torque at low-rpm. Like, 860 ft-lbs. of torque at 1,600. Essentially thinking about hitting the accelerator results in enough force to move, essentially anything. It’s a truly staggering number, but it’s also the reason why a lot of people tend to prefer diesel over gasoline engines in general for trucks. Such a low threshold for so much force means that pulling heavy loads doesn’t put that much load on the motor itself. That’s piece of mind.

They Sound Fantastic

If the words “EGR” and “muffler” and “DPF” make your shift in your seat uncomfortably, take heart, in the fact that the 6.7 sounds fantastic when those things are all gone. Do your neighbors like trucks? If so, they’ll enjoy these modifications. If they hate trucks? Well, they’ll learn.

They Can Be Fast Too (Probably)

Truth be told, the 6.7 is a young engine. It’s clearly powerful and stout, with no real evidence of obvious mechanical weakness. Meaning, sometime in the future, they’ll likely become great motors for performance minded folks. Take this clip of a Snyder Performance’s 1025 hp Powerstroke as a promise of what’s to come.

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