Freaky-Ford Friday: ’55 Ford F-800 Rules the Farm

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1955 Ford F-800

When the owner of this vintage Ford F-800 needed a work truck, he thankfully decided not to take the easy way out.

When it comes to work trucks, few can hold a candle to Ford. The Blue Oval has been building tough, virtually indestructible pickups for over a century now, after all. And those trucks have earned their reputation as hard working tools that deserve to be in every man’s tool box. But if you want to stand out from the sea of commercial Ford pickups, you can always do something a little different. Like this 1955 Ford F-800 we spotted over at Wheeler Auctions.

When the previous owner needed something to tow a gooseneck trailer around the farm, he could have just gone the easy route and bought a new Super Duty. But instead, he chose to go the stylish route and convert an old Ford F-800 pickup for heavy duty hauling. So the old drivetrain went the way of the dodo bird and in went an incredibly unique powertrain consisting of a 317 cube Lincoln and 5-speed transmission.

1955 Ford F-800

If that wasn’t enough to set this old school hauler apart from the crowd, just check out the way it looks. The dark blue paint is absolutely gorgeous, yet big rig-inspired chrome bits let you know what it’s really all about. And then there’s a set of hilarious door decals just to remind you that this thing’s not just for show. It was built to work, and work hard.

1955 Ford F-800

In this day and age of restomodded and ratrodded old Ford heavy duty pickups, it’s quite a refreshing change. Some might call it wacky or unusual, but we love everything about this old Ford F-800. Even the door decals, which the seller claims come off easily. Because why wouldn’t you want everyone to know that your vintage pickup can still work with the best of them?

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