50th Anniversary Ford Shelby GT-H for All of Your Rental Car Shenanigans

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Growing up, I was a fan of many of the Mustang iterations. But the one that I thought was the most crazy was the one that you could go to any Hertz rental car counter and then hit the racetrack with. The Hertz specials modified by Shelby were legit performance vehicles, and how anyone thought that renting them out to any old schmuck was a good idea is still something that’s beyond me.

At a special unveiling ahead of the 2016 New York International Auto Show, Ford Performance showed off their latest collaboration with Hertz, the 50th Anniversary Ford Shelby GT-H.

Based on the already potent Ford Mustang GT, the Shelby GT-H gets a performance exhaust, upgraded track suspension, and super sticky tires. All the cars will be black with gold stripes, because heritage, and will have unique carbon fiber accents, including front splitter.

The cars will be available at select airport Hertz locations through their Adrenaline Collection, and you bet your ass it’ll be better anything from the “Ford Focus or equivalent” that you typically rent.

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