Edsel & Henry Ford III on the 50th Anniversary Ford GT40 Reunion at Pebble Beach

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Ford organized an over-the-top and one-of-a-kind gathering at the world famous Pebble Beach Concours this year, and it involved every single history-worthy Ford GT/GT40 ever created dating back to 1966!

What’s even better, both members of the legendary Ford family were present to witness history before their eyes, or perhaps see it all in one place at the same time, instead of over the course of 50 years as they’ve already witnessed it. Edsel and Henry Ford III are currently active within the company, and they were both on-site to see all the stunning Fords gathered on the stunning green lawn.

“I have never seen all these cars in one place and I am not sure they will ever be in one place again,” said Henry, who is global marketing manager for Ford Performance, and whose secret team put together the new Ford GT in the utmost corporate secrecy, “But we are so grateful and honored to have all these cars here today. Essentially, these cars represent every dominating race victory of the Ford GT from the 1960s.”

“We made a few street cars [in the 1960s], but these cars were for racing,” Edsel said. “The cars we did in ‘05 and ‘06 were street cars, never intended to go racing, though some people did race them. And the GT we just brought out now in ‘17 is really designed and built to go racing, though we are building a street version. GT is the flagship of Ford Motor Company. It says a lot about us…our technology, our ability to build supercars. We are a full-line global manufacturer. Some people say we should not be doing these kinds of things. But I think it’s a good thing to do. “

“I’ve been talking to our CTO Raj Nair about buying one,” said Edsel. “I have an ‘06 and really like that car. I’ve had it up to almost 200 miles per hour.”

The guys at Forbes put together this rather intimate video with these guys that have been part of history since they were born, and it’s definitely worth a look. For their full Pebble Beach story click here.

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