50 States, Seven Days, One Ford Expedition

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Ford Expedition 50 states  (2)

If you wanted to try and set a world record and road trip to all fifty-states in just seven days, what vehicle would you want to use? If you are smart, you’ll use something large, practical, comfortable, well built, and with decent fuel economy. You would use a Ford.

Four friends were attempting to do just that, and their tool of choice for this record-setting journey would be the Ford Expedition EL. With its stretched interior, there should be plenty of room for four friends to really stretch out and stay comfy for their seven day romp across this great country.

Now there are a few little caveats to how this “road trip” works. Firstly, they didn’t drive to Alaska, and they obviously didn’t drive to Hawaii, so they started in Maine, did a full 48, then they flew to Alaska and back before then flying to Hawaii. As you would expect, the Expedition did its job admirably, and the four friends made the entire trip 6 days, 17 hours and 31 minutes. That is a new record, and while it took lots of drive and ambition from these boys, it was all made possible by their Expedition.

Read more about their adventure here.

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