5 Reasons Why the Ford F-Series is Better than the Toyota Tundra #5

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5. History of quality ““ The Ford F-Series pickup comes with a half century of design perfection, and during many of the past 50+ years, the F-Series has been the bestselling pickup in the world. Ford’s current lineup offers half ton trucks that can easily do the work of heavy duty models from just a few years back and the Super Duty has tractor-trailer like abilities when it comes to hooking up to a trailer. Not only can the Ford F-Series pickups do more than any other pickup lineup in history, but they can do it safely, while also offering smooth daily driving and great off-roading capabilities. Toyota, on the other hand, has done a great job offering a cheap pickup for those who don’t really need their truck to be able to do very much.

Reason 4: The Concrete Camel >>>

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