5 Reasons Why the Ford F-Series is Better than the Toyota Tundra #1

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1. Appearance ““ Sure, looks are subjective but let’s be honest ““ the Toyota
Tundra is very easily the ugliest truck ever sold in the US, with the
Honda Ridgeline being a close second. From front to back, the Tundra
looks like Toyota tried too hard to stretch an SUV into a pickup, as
exemplified by its especially awkward front end, body lines that don’t
go anywhere, and exaggerated taillights. Some might liken it to the old
saying “˜a face only a mother could love’. That being said, Ford has
spent the past 30 years gently refining the looks of the entire F-Series
with incredible results, as the truck has gotten better looking with
each major refresh in the past few decades.

In the end, it is no wonder that the Ford F Series very easily outsells the Toyota Tundra month after month, year after year after year after…

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