5 Fishing Mods for Your Ford Truck

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Ford trucks are the perfect vessels for any outdoor activity, especially as they accompany you on a fishing trip.  With a truck bed that’s capable of housing so many modifications, it’s no wonder that many Ford truck enthusiasts are also weekend anglers.  Here are five fishing-related modifications for your Ford truck.


1. Fishing Rod Holders

Rod Holders

This is the most popular fishing mod for trucks by far, and for obvious reasons.  Don’t just throw your fishing rods in the truck bed, letting them get covered or pushed aside by other accessories and items you take with you. Give them their own space by storing them upright in holders; you can even make your own using PVC pipe and put them anywhere in the truck bed.


2. Truck Bed Storage Containers

Bed Storage

Going fishing requires bringing along many accessories, and what better way to organize and house these accessories than with a suitable storage container in the truck bed? This UnderCover Swing Case will let you access all of your angling accouterments, and you can find many other options online.


3. Rear-facing Truck Bed Seats

Bed Seats

If you go fishing often, why not modify some rear-facing seats to fit into the truck bed?  You can back it up right to the water’s edge and never leave the comfort of your own truck.


4. Front Cooler Racks

Cooler Racks

What better way to access those heavy ice chests than to have them only a few feet off of the ground? Adding racks to the receiver hitch on your truck is ideal for ease of accessibility. Plus, you’ll save room in the truck bed by being able to store these items up front. Many people also add fishing rod holders to the racks.


5. Fishing Platforms

Fishing Platforms

Okay, so these platforms are mostly used for shark fishing, and it’s the most extreme mod on this list, but it’s still a cool idea if you can utilize it for your fishing needs. You’ll need to have a metal platform built into your truck bed; you can find companies online that specialize in this type of modification, or refer to a DIY project like this one.


For more information, DIY articles, and repair guides, visit https://www.ford-trucks.com/how-tos.


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