5.0 versus 5.0: F-150 Race Mustang at the Drag Strip

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Marcus Slater
F150 Online

Same engine. Different body. Well, there’s a lot different between and Mustang and an F-150, clearly, but there isn’t as big a difference in the quarter miles times as you might think.

In this case I think the Mustang might need a driver mod. They should be in the twelves no problem. Still though… I think the way the F-150 keeps up is pretty impressive. The engine is the same, the only real difference is the weight. That’s kind of a problem at the launch, but it looks like the Coyote does its job once the F-150 gets moving. He’s got a tune and some bolt-ons, so it’s not stock versus stock. I respect it still.

Now… Just put the Coyote against the Ecoboost. That’s the race I really want to see.

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