4×4 = A Working 1961 Ford F-100 Barn Find Miracle

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A reasonable thought process would hear that a 1961 Ford has been sitting in a literal barn for more than three decades and assume that the car is no longer working. A trailer would likely be required, and you’d have a possible engine rebuild on your hands. Not with this gem of a Ford F-100 4×4 Sidestep.

Despite last being registered in 1981, it still starts, drives, and even stops (bonus!). It sat in New Mexico and according to the seller, it’s had one respray, though the interior is original, save for the radio. The eBay post lists minimal rust on the truck, that the floors are all in great shape, the doors open just fine, but the windshield is cracked.

It’s also stated that the “engine runs and trans shifts through the gears, and the 4×4 works in high and low. Steering feels good, and truck rides pretty smooth.”

So there you go. A 4×4 V8 ’61 ready for somebody to give it love.


The current bid is $7,200, check the listing HERE.

[Via Bring a Trailer]


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