FTE Spotlight: Classic Explorer was the Raptor of Its Time

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Gorgeous 1976 F-100 Explorer Survives the Decades Unscathed and Unscratched, Thanks to Some Climate-Controlled TLC

Today’s “FTE Spotlight” is giving a shout out to longtime Ford Truck Enthusiasts forums member Mac2Night and his “super-clean” 1976 Ford F-100 Explorer.

“It is a truck I am so proud to own,” says Mac.

Lucky for this Georgia Ford fan, his cool, canary-yellow Explorer was pampered and stored in a climate-controlled garage since 1992. We bet that every time he climbs into his F-100 it feels like drifting back to another era.


Mac, a big fan of classic Ford trucks, certainly appreciates that aspect. Before recently acquiring this ’76 gem, he owned a 1970 F-100 4×4. Prior to that, he drove a 1990 Bronco II.

An FTE forums member since 2008, Mac recently returned to the forums after taking a breather between truck ownership.

“I have a new reason to return!” he says about his F-100 Explorer.

Under its hood, the Explorer’s powerful Ford Racing engine is as spotless as the truck’s expansive interior.

Prior to Mac picking up the vintage Ford, the trophy truck was reportedly driven very infrequently, about once a month. This explains why this rockin’ relic looks spotless.

The 1976 F-100 also looks big enough in the back to host an entire disco party. A black, vinyl bed liner and a sturdy, scratchless cover add a great touch to an already impressive vehicle.

“Not meaning to brag, I just thought I would share it with everyone,” writes Mac alongside photos of his classic beauty.

No worries, Mac, your bragging rights are totally earned.

See more great shots of Mac2Night’s Ford trucks and many other awesome rides in the forums.

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