400 of the Blue Oval’s Best to be Showcased in a One of a Kind Event

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2011 Ford Parade and Street Party to Hit Downtown Carlisle

CARLISLE, PA – Carlisle Events, the Downtown Carlisle Association and Ford Motor Company are proud to announce the inaugural 2011 Ford Parade and Street Party to be held on June 4th, 2011 in conjunction the with Carlisle Ford Nationals. The Saturday evening festivities will provide automotive enthusiasts, specifically those interested in the FOMOCO brands, an opportunity to share their passion as they drive in the parade and park in historic downtown Carlisle for an evening of music, dining, and shopping.

This exclusive event is limited to only 400 Ford, Lincoln and/or Mercury vehicles. In addition, pre-registration is required as the field will fill up quickly. Those wishing to register can do so online or via phone. You can only register for the parade if you are registered for the Showfield during the Carlisle Ford Nationals. On top of the Showfield fee, each entrant must pay $10 per vehicle (through April 30th) or $15 per vehicle (beginning May 1st).

As part of the parade of cars, which will be led by representatives from Ford Motor Company, spectators will enjoy specialty vehicles such as race cars and a wide variety of food, fanfare and quality live entertainment.

"It’s the cars, Ford’s heritage of great vehicles, that fuels the annual pilgrimage of enthusiasts to Carlisle for the Ford Nationals," said John Clor, Communications Manager for Ford Racing’s Performance Group. Clor noted that "adding a parade through Carlisle on Ford Nationals weekend is a great way to expand the celebration of the Ford brand beyond the Showfield."

Event Manager Rick Markko added that "we’re very excited the Borough of Carlisle has invited us to participate in a Parade and Street party during the Ford Nationals. Our loyal Blue Oval enthusiasts will have yet another entertainment option while visiting Carlisle to enhance their "Carlisle Experience."

"Downtown Carlisle has such a great hometown vibe with an upscale flair," said Glenn White of the Downtown Carlisle Association. "There is no better place to have 400 of these All-American cars showcased and we are very happy to be working with Carlisle Events and Ford in bringing the Ford Parade and Street Party and night of great fun to south central Pennsylvania."

Along with the parade, the Carlisle Ford Nationals offer the entire family a chance to experience the legacy of Henry Ford and his namesake automobiles. The Carlisle Ford Nationals are the largest and most thrilling All-Ford event in the world, showcasing Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and Euro Ford as the National Parts Depot Showfield highlights more than 2,400 vehicles from all eras. Whether you spend a few hours, an entire day, or the entire weekend in Carlisle, you will enjoy special vehicle displays and anniversaries featuring concept, classic, performance, and historically significant vehicles that are second to none. The Carlisle Ford Nationals – your Ford Family Reunion.

Carlisle Events, host of 10 annual collector car, truck, and motorcycle events, attracts more than half a million people to its 150-acre facility in Carlisle, Pennsylvania each year. Included in the annual events schedule are two huge automotive swap meets and auctions -Spring and Fall – and individual specialty shows featuring Corvettes, Fords, GMs, Chryslers, trucks, motorcycles, sport compacts and imports. Founded in 1974 by friends Bill Miller and Chip Miller, the "Cars at Carlisle" shows attract automotive enthusiasts from around the world. For more information, visit www.CarlisleEvents.com or call (717) 243-7855.

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