4 People You Should Trust with Your Raptor

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We can hear the comments now, “I don’t let anyone drive my truck BUT ME,” and for the most part, we agree. Other people don’t care about your ride the way you care about your ride. That said, there are some people who can be and should be trusted with your Raptor, four of them, to be precise.


1. Your Grandma


Your Grandma is a boss, and I bet she can wheel better than you when the road gets rough. Think of the YouTube success you would have with “Grandma Jumps Ford Raptor at Dunes,” Pismo will never be the same.


2. Jeremy Clarkson


Yes, Clarkson, formerly of Top Gear fame, and now the Grand Tour drove a Raptor, and loved it. He was smitten with it’s over the top ride, engine, and character. Granted, he’s no master of all terrains, but he seemed to make due just fine in the snow and mud, and you know he would keep you endlessly entertained.


3. Your Crazy Neighbor


Sure, he may drive a Jeep, drink girly beers and say things like “It’s a Jeep thing, you wouldn’t understand,” but he does know where all the awesome trails and fun off-road spots are. I guess we will give him a pass. We’re still not sure about letting him drive the Raptor, but he’s down to group caravan to the trail, so we’re cool with it.


4. Yourself


It’s a Raptor, it’s made to get dirty, play in the sand and give you the closest feeling to a Baja or Trophy truck that a manufacturer can allow. Don’t fear a few paint chips here and there when it comes to your big Tonka toy. Let that V8 scream and slide through a sand and dirt, because you can’t put a price on fun.


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