Carlisle Ford Nationals Celebrate Starsky & Hutch Torino’s 40th

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Before Shaun White came around, there was a different Flying Tomato. It had four wheels, played a pivotal role in a crime drama, and had a “vector stripe.” It was the 1976 Starsky & Hutch Ford Gran Torino, and it’s still one of the most famous and recognizable Hollywood cars ever. Forty years since it was introduced, it will once again step into the spotlight at the Carlisle Ford Nationals.

From June 3 to June 5, fanatics will gather together for one of the biggest all-ford events on the planet. Among the expected 2,800 vehicles will be a celebration of one of the only cars that ever saw so much demand that a manufacturer actually produced a limited run to the public.


The special edition Gran Torinos included 2B Bright Red with a white vector side stripe, dual racing mirrors and a deluxe bumper group. It was available with either a 152-horsepower 351 V8 , a 180-horsepower 400 V8, or a 202-horsepower 460 V8. Ford built a total of 1,308, including three pilot cars.

If you’re into Starsky & Hutch or just a huge Ford fanatic, this is guaranteed to be a blast.

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