Ford GT Designer Draws the Line Between a Tribute and a Copy

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The new Ford GT is a stunning American treasure. Calling it a masterpiece ever sounds like an undersell, to be completely honest, and that’s amidst a word of supercars popping up all over the globe right now.

MTM3MDg3NDMxODczNjY4NjkxJust look at that overhead. The way the front tapers and tucks into a raindrop at the rear, the way the roof hovers over the car like the Starship Enterprise, the way the car is toned without being too sharp or pointy … it’s hard to sound anything but gushy about it, because Ford just absolutely nailed it with this one. A lot of that can be attributed to Ford design director Chris Svensson.

This particular project needed a balance. The most recent GT before this one was nearly identical to the GT40 it paid homage to. Svensson didn’t want to do that again. But he also didn’t want to depart from it so much that it felt like an entirely new animal. It still had to have the same chromosomes.

“There were some design elements that resonated, and we tried to modernize them and bring them into the new car, he told Maxim in a recent interview. “They still resonate, and you still see them, but it is very subtle.”

The call-backs might be subtle, but the car and its $400,000 price tag are anything but. Follow the link to read what else Svensson had to say about the process.

[Via Maxim]

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