A Florida Man Built This Pointlessly Large Ford F-350

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America, the land of buildingĀ things just to see how big and grandiose something can get. It’s why burgers the size of pizza pans exist. It’s why soft drinks the size of backpacks exist. And it’s why this massive triple-cab, extended-bed 1992 Ford F-350 exists.

This monster was found down in the Florida panhandle, which kind of makes all the sense. There aren’t a ton of details, and the Craigslist postingĀ has already been taken down, but it seems to be pretty sturdy. It’s impressive the truck doesn’t appear to be have any sagging, especially if it was built this way 10 years ago, as BangShift‘s post indicates.

On top of the extensions, it’s also been lifted and widened, of course. Because it was already sold, you’ll just have to use this one for personal inspiration.


[Via BangShift]

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