FLASHBACK Watch Toby Keith & His Talking Dog Escape Aliens in His Ford Truck

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Today’s video falls under the category of Funny Flashback and it features a very unusual short movie featuring Toby Keith, a talking dog, some country music-loving aliens and a Ford pickup. Now I understand that the Ford truck in action here is not an F-150, but with Toby Keith’s marketing partnership with the Motor Company and the simple fact that this short movie is so odd – it was too good to pass up.


I won’t spoil too much of the movie, but the basic rundown is that aliens have come from a far away galaxy with the intention of kidnapping Toby Keith. Unfortunately for the aliens, Toby Keith is driving a Ford truck, which is fast enough to outrun the alien probes and even when the mother ship comes down and snatches up Keith, his talking dog and his truck – the power of the mighty Ford F Series is enough to escape the situation.




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