FTE Forums: 2020 Super Duty 7.3-Liter Gas Engine Confirmed?

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2020 Ford F350 Super Duty Spy Photo 009

It now looks like a 7.3 gasser is inevitable for the 2020 Super Duty. But will you buy one over a diesel?

Among the many rumors floating around concerning the upcoming Ford Super Duty refresh, the possibility of an all-new 7.3-liter gas engine might be the most enticing. This rumor has perpetuation for months now, but we have yet to receive any sort of proof that it’s actually real. Well, that is, until now. Ford Truck Enthusiasts member Strokin-A-2010 recently came across an interesting tidbit of information from The Fast Lane Truck and posted it in this thread.

TFLT claims to have a “trusted source” who provided them with this information. And that source also backed up their claim with a picture of a document claiming the new Super Duty powerplant will bow in 2020. Unfortunately, we did’t receive any sort of power figures for the 7.3. Regardless, most FTE members seem pretty excited about this new gasser. For good reason, as RandyinTN points out.

“If you read the threads here, you will find that most gas owners are getting only about 1.5 mpg less when towing up to about 10-12k loads than diesel owners. A gas engine is free with the truck, a diesel is over $9,000. Plus, diesel fuel costs more. Where I live it costs 20% more. Why would I want to spend 20% more for fuel and pay $9k for the option only to get 15% better fuel economy? Been there and done that.”

2020 Ford F-350 Super Duty

He’s joined by troverman, who adds some additional reasons to look forward to this new Super Duty powerplant.

“I’m excited Ford is bringing out a big gas V8 as their new engine. While it’s not as large as the Chevy 8.1L, it’s still a good size. And there is some nostalgia about having a 7.3L in a Super Duty again. Even if it burns the wrong fuel. This engine is likely a pushrod engine too, with much more compact dimensions despite larger displacement. That means it’ll be easier to work on.

This engine could produce some big power, who knows. Obviously it needs to top 385/430 hp and whatever the V10 makes these days. As for emissions, the gas engine has emissions, but nothing like a diesel. Nothing super expensive and complicated.”

2020 Ford F-350 Super Duty

Of course, that doesn’t mean diesels don’t have their advantages, as Tricon notes.

“You get most of that $9k back when you sell it. Plus you get about 20% better mileage as you drive it. So both of those advantages are pretty much wiped out. That leaves more expensive oil changes and fuel filters. I’ll pay the couple extra grand over the life of my truck to have the same power as two 6.2Ls.”

But in the grand scheme of things, someday sees the addition of a new, large gas motor to the Super Duty lineup as the start of something big.

“I’m willing to bet everything will get the 10-speed and 7.3 across the board. Maybe all the way from the F-250 to the F-750. Having two different drivetrain lines is pretty unlikely. However, tuning will be different like the diesels are now, or back when the V10s were available. Maybe we’ll even see another Raptor V8?”

2020 Ford F-350 Super Duty

If nothing else, that’s more than enough to get us excited. But we want to know – what do you think about the addition of a new 7.3 gasser? Would you consider buying one of these over a diesel? Or will you stick to oil burners, no matter what? Head over here and let us know!

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