2019 Ranger to Be Offered Exclusively With Ecoboost Power?

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Ford Ranger

We know a lot about the upcoming 2019 Ranger, but at this point, the engine lineup is a pure mystery.

For the most part, we already know pretty much what Ford’s 2019 Ranger is going to look like. Heck, they already sell the thing globally. And the camouflaged ones running around the U.S. look very similar to those already on sale around the rest of the world. So, other than the possibility of a Ranger Raptor, we probably won’t find any shocking details when the new mid-sizer is officially revealed.

One remaining wild card, however, is the new Ranger’s engine lineup. The most popular powerplant among foreign Ranger buyers is the diesel. But we don’t know if Ford will offer an oil burner here in the states, although it would make sense as a rival to the Chevy Colorado. One thing’s for sure, it ain’t gonna come with a V8. So that leaves a couple of options.

2019 Ranger

It’s a safe bet that you’ll be able to buy a 2019 Ranger with some sort of Ecoboost engine. But will Ford go the extra mile and limit their reborn pickup to Ecoboost-only power? It’s an interesting idea, and one that led FTE member 92F350CC to pose the possibility in a recent thread. And as you might imagine, it’s drawing plenty of responses.

“Just want to get it out there now so I can look back and judge myself right or wrong after it’s announced. I’ll bet the new Ranger and the Bronco will have one engine option, just as the larger Navigator/Expedition only have one option. In this case, it will be the 2.7 EB. Any thoughts? I could be wrong, I could be a total idiot. This is just speculation.”

Now, the idea of planting the 2.7 Ecoboost in the smaller Ranger isn’t a bad one on paper. After all, the mighty little powerplant produces an impressive 325 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque in the 2018 F-150. That would make it quite the hot rod in the lighter Ranger, if they didn’t detune it first. But as Christian’s1988Ford points out, Ford’s goals will likely differ with their smaller truck.

Ford Ranger

“I think the V6 is already becoming passé for Ford; routine power updates to their engines resulted in bigger engines phased out for smaller ones in vehicles that need power, like pickups. The F-150’s Ecoboosts are already too powerful for the Ranger, and if put in the Ranger, would only give the Ranger a size benefit over the F-150.

Fuel efficiency will probably be a HUGE selling point for the Ranger. Since the F150 isn’t especially known (or even particularly bought for) MPG numbers, a smaller, more fuel-conservative truck won’t take sales away from the F-150 as much.

I will take a shot and guess that it will use the base 3.3 N/A, a 2.3 EB geared as a truck engine, and maybe the 3.3 diesel for true towing (or fleets that exclusively use diesel for semis and bigger trucks).

We might see a High Output 2.7 EB in the Ranger Raptor. Whether or not it’s actually sold in the US.

I doubt that the Ranger will be a one-engine truck. There are so many markets Ford could attack and thrive in if the Ranger just used different engines already found in other Ford vehicles. The Bronco could be a different story, unless they have an extreme off-road version vs a day-to-day commuter, like the standard F-150 vs the Raptor. I don’t see much reason for various engines in a small SUV that serves one or two purposes to the general public–street cruising and light off-roading.”

Many others agree that the naturally aspirated 3.3 liter V6 would make the most sense as a base engine for the 2019 Ranger. But even that produces a stout 290 hp. So Ford might have something smaller in the works, as YoGeorge points out.

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“The base engine in the Colorado is a normally aspirated 2.5 liter four with ~200 hp. Available only in 2WD base models I think.

I’m guessing we may see a smaller engine like the 2.0 EB as the base engine in the Ranger. Still a lot more power than the base Colorado engine (245 hp). And more torque than Ford’s 3.5 normally aspirated V6 (and the new 3.3). Probably too similar to the 3.3 V6 to offer both, but who knows? Much may depend on production capacity, gas mileage fleet averages, and actual engine cost. The 2.0 EB twin scroll offered in the Everest and mid sized Tourneo van in other markets. As well as the Edge/Escape/MKC in the US.

And for a high power option, the 2.7 EB makes a lot of sense. Way more torque than the 3.6 V6 in the Colorado.”

All of which are great points. And they’re especially true when you consider the fact that Ford is seemingly scrambling to get the Ranger ready for a U.S. return as the competition is already here. And even if they choose to roll it out with only one engine at first, they can always expand the powertrain lineup later.

But the question remains, what do you think Ford will do? Be sure and chime in with your thoughts on the 2019 Ranger engine lineup here!


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