2019 Ford Ranger Images Contain Hilarious Easter Eggs

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2019 Ford Ranger

Did you spot the mythical creatures hiding in these official 2019 Ford Ranger photos?

Clearly, the folks that work in Ford’s media department have a sense of humor. Well, either that or they just like to play with our minds. Fresh off the heels of the 2019 Ford Ranger unveiling at the North American International Auto Show, the Blue Oval treated us to an all-new site for the mid-sizer. With, of course, tons of cool images of the truck. But if you look closely enough, you’ll see much more than the new Ranger propped up in a variety of pretty backdrops.

The first image, shown above, just looks like a SuperCab model posing in the woods on its way to a kayaking adventure. But if you look closely at the left side of the pic, you’ll notice that our friends have a little company. In the form of none other than Bigfoot!

Now, you could go rampant with speculation and say that this is a precursor to a future Bigfoot edition Ranger. After all, you could actually buy such a thing back in the ’80s. But the hairy creature’s appearance isn’t the only 2019 Ford Ranger Easter egg we found!

2019 Ford Ranger

This next photo just looks like a couple of rugged outdoorsmen using their 2019 Ford Ranger for a fun little day out at the lake, right? But if you peer across the foggy waters, you’ll see yet another mythical creature – the Loch Ness Monster! Clearly, our friends here haven’t spotted ol’ Nessie, because otherwise they’d probably be rethinking their plans for the day.

Obviously, Ford probably won’t be building a Loch Ness Monster edition Ranger. And sadly, probably not another Ranger Bigfoot, though that would be freakin’ awesome. But it’s still nice to know that they’ve got a pretty good sense of humor in a world full of boring corporate meetings!

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