2019 Ford Expedition Justifies Its Hefty Price Tag, Says YouTuber

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The new Ford Expedition certainly isn’t cheap, but you get a ton of content for the cost.

If you’ve been shopping for a new truck or SUV in recent years, you already know the struggle. Prices for these highly sought-after rigs have skyrocketed, to the point where even base models sticker in luxury car territory. Opting for higher trim levels and niceties will set you back tens of thousands more, even up to $100k in some instances. Many would argue that you would have to be insane to pay that kind of exorbitant price. But in the case of the 2019 Ford Expedition, YouTuber Everyman Driver believes that it’s worth every penny.

“Although it’s not brand new for 2019, this thing is still a class leader, at least in my opinion,” he says. And that’s despite this particular Expedition’s $70k price tag. It isn’t even the range-topping Max or a four-wheel drive, but it is equipped with plenty of great content. For starters, the 375 hp/470 lb-ft of torque from the 3.5-liter Ecoboost is plenty to move the large hauler and tow a nice sized load up to 9,300 pounds. And it even gets 24 mpgs on the highway.

2019 Ford Expedition

There are plenty of cool features packed in the new Expedition too. They include things like the easy access key system, which allows you to lock/unlock the doors and fold the mirrors automatically with just your hand. “Both the steering wheel and seat move, as we’ve got the easy entrance and exit system,” our host points out.

The interior quality and materials are quite nice as well. “The door materials are nice. You’ve got great cubby space there. Nice comfortable leather steering wheel.” Our reviewer also laments the many storage spaces scattered throughout the interior, including the wireless charging mat in the center console. Not to mention the countless menu options you can access via the information screen.

2019 Ford Expedition

And the comfort doesn’t stop up front like many SUVs, either. “The second row is a really nice place to be in the Expedition as well,” our host says. There’s abundant space, even for tall folks. And that panoramic roof is quite nice to look out of, too. “It’s a snap getting into the third row as well, just push a button. I love the third row seats in this Expedition. Tons and tons of space.”

The cargo area of the Expedition really shines too, with a handy management system that gives you lots of versatility and options. And all of that leaves a solid impression on our host. “I really like this vehicle,” he concludes. “This thing is fantastic for families if you have kids or need a lot of space. If you need to go off-road or tow a lot of stuff. It can really do a lot.”

2019 Ford Expedition

So sure, the new Expedition isn’t what anyone would call cheap. But then again, you get a whole lot of vehicle for your money.

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