2018 Super Duty Limited Makes It Rain in Texas (Video)

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You may not like the price tag, but the new and outrageous Super Duty Limited proves that Ford is still the smartest guy in the room.

The world is still abuzz after Ford introduced its new, king of the hill luxury truck to the world. The 2018 Ford Super Duty is a loaded-to-the-gills, range-topping truck which made headlines everywhere thanks to its sky-high $94,455 price tag. No, it doesn’t quite cost $100,000, but after delivery fees, taxes, title and other fees, it might as well.

2018 Super Duty Limited

High price tags touch a nerve with Ford’s enthusiasts, most of whom have watched their beloved, simple workhorses transform into bespoke, do-it-all rigs worthy of the old cliché, “Cowboy Cadillac” (or is it Cowboy Lincoln?). But let’s face the facts, pickup prices skyrocketing. More and more people want luxury trucks, and automakers are more than happy to oblige and simply count the profits.

So what makes the 2018 Super Duty Limited so super (expensive)? Put simply, it’s the most luxurious and most technologically advanced Super Duty that Ford has ever produced. As Ford themselves put it, this truck is meant to “serve our most discerning customers – the customers that want it all.” Which essentially means that this truck isn’t for everybody. So don’t take it personally, and enjoy this video courtesy of TFLnow.

2018 Super Duty Limited

What the 2018 Super Duty Limited does prove is that Ford is still the smartest automaker in the room. Why? Because the average transaction price for the Super Duty is skyrocketing every month. So they do what every smart business does – they develop products to suit their customers.

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