Listen to the 2018 Shelby GT500 Roar in Dearborn

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Hopefully you’re not having a bad day, but if you are, you’re certainly going to have big smile on your face after watching this lovely piece of footage.

This video by, Mustang6G, shows us what seems to be a Mustang mule outside the Dearborn, Michigan Ford development facility. The same facility where earlier this year I had the chance to ride shotgun with Ben Collins (Top Gear Stig) in the Ford Focus RS.

The clever guys that took the video managed to tag along with the Mustang for about a mile or so, as the test mule exited one Ford facility and then entered another one down the road. The best part is listening to the rumble of the mighty engine, which makes us curious about its credentials. It’d be silly to speculate anything at this point, as Ford hasn’t even confirmed a future Shelby GT500, or any other model Mustang besides the ongoing models.

That being said, product life cycles would dictate that a new 200 + mph Mustang is due anytime soon, and this one might be it. Whether it sticks with a similar V8 engine configuration as the GT350 and GT350R, or it switches to turbocharged power, it’s still too early to tell. Needless to say, we all look forward to it very much so.

Listen to it roar!

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