2018 Raptor Takes Race Red to a Whole New Level

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If you aren’t blinded by the sheer amount of red, then the new lights will do the trick.

There is perhaps no truck on the planet more fun to customize than the Ford Raptor. Whether it’s going over-the-top with customizations and completely changing the look of the vehicle, or deciding on something much more subtle, most Raptor owners modify their truck for one simple reason: to make their favorite ride more personal. Today, we have a customized Raptor to show you, and when it comes to modifications, this Raptor is a true example of “less is more.”

In an awesome new YouTube video we recently came across by Ford Triple R, a new Raptor owner details exactly what changes he made to his 2018 Race Red Raptor. Long story short, this Raptor owner clearly wanted two things for his new truck: lots of red and lots of lights.

When you first look at this truck, you’re taken aback at just how red it actually is. By adding vinyl wrapped red bumpers and fender flares, the Raptor looks completely different than your average Raptor. Then, taking the bold color to the next level, the owner added red to the “FORD” lettering on the grille and tailgate. Adding just an extra flare to the red motif are the custom wheels that have just a hint of red trim, making the new tires pop.

Yes, this Raptor is incredibly lit. Corny jokes aside, he did add a ton of new lighting elements. Two custom lightbars behind the grille, added fog lights in the front bumper, and added rear fog lights all make this truck light up like a Christmas tree. He doesn’t go into detail as to why so many lights, but it’s clear that if he took this out on a trail at night, he would have no issues with visibility. In fact, the next town over would probably see him coming.

The icing on the cake is the red Raptor insulated cup in the center console. As if there would be any other color!

Ultimately, this Raptor owner hasn’t gone crazy with the customizations, but he has shown how a few little tweaks can take a standard Raptor and make it something special. Maybe red isn’t for you, but with some vinyl wrapping and lights, the sky’s the limits on what you can do with these amazing trucks.

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Charles Dean is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Rennlist, among other auto sites.

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