2018 Ford F-150 2.7 Ecoboost Review: Freshly Dominant

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One of the more detailed reviews we’ve seen on the 2018 Ford F-150 also sings the praises of the truck’s smallest engine.

2018 Ford F-150 reviews are a dime a dozen these days. And for the most part, snooze-worthy. Which isn’t the fault of reviewers, per say. More like they’re all so glowingly good that few can even find a single bone to pick with Ford’s latest and greatest half-ton pickup. But we recently stumbled across this excellent video from Redline Reviews, which is one of the more detailed “write ups” we’ve seen on the refreshed F-150.

2018 Ford F-150

For starters, our reviewer goes into great detail explaining all the new styling features present on the 2018 Ford F-150. He reminds us that this is essentially a truck that debuted “way” back in 2015, yet hasn’t lost a step after three years. And yet, the front end is “instantly recognizable as an F-150,” yet takes “design elements from the Super Duty.” The reviewer calls the overall look “very traditional, yet very American.”

On the inside, he calls the interior “very welcoming” and “huge.” The truck gives you a “commanding view of the road.” Interestingly, he notes that the 2.7 Ecoboost “doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a very refined, very quiet engine. Just don’t expect it to sound like that big, burly truck V8.” Which, of course, is still available for those who crave old school power.

2018 Ford F-150

Even though the reviewer admits that he isn’t really a “truck person,” he “appreciates them greatly.” He calls the the 2018 Ford F-150 one of “them most perfect family vehicles for the average American,” and “one of the very best trucks you can buy.” He calls it “super refined” and loves the fact that it’s “super lightweight.” He notes that you can feel the difference in weight, especially when compared to the compeition.

The new 2.7-liter gets rave reviews too, as it really scoots when paired with the new 10-speed automatic. He even says the little V6 feels “stronger than the Tundra and the Titan with their big, burly V8s.” And it does so while also returning 19/24 miles per gallon in the city and on the highway. So if you were on the fence about going with the smallest displacement engine available in the F-150, fear not!

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