2018 Ford Expedition Max: First Drive (Video)

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The mightiest SUV of the Ford lineup shares many things in common with the best-selling F-150, making it an even better buy.

The newest and flagship SUV from the Blue Oval is slowly but surely making its way down the production pipeline, just as anxious buyers await its arrival at dealerships nationwide. As a result, the initial round of media test drives has begun in sunny California and we’re beginning to hear some of the very first impressions.

This video courtesy of the good folks at The Fast Lane Truck brings us an in-depth look at the new luxury behemoth. Dressed in Platinum trim and with massive 22″ chrome wheels, the range-topping Expedition XL boasts a longer wheelbase comparable to its archenemy, the Chevy Suburban.


As the host explains, the Expedition is largely based on the F-150 pickup truck. The platform, drivetrain and even interior features are nearly identical to the ones found in premium trim half-ton trucks. Tasked with ripping away market share from General Motors, the Expedition team worked tirelessly to design a stunning cabin, but also make the three-row SUV a manly and enjoyable driving machine.

Aside from diving into driving dynamics of the 3.5-liter EcoBoost motor and overall features, the video also covers some of the technology found in the new Expedition, as well as active safety systems and family-friendly features. Of course, this is better watched than read, so check out the video.


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