Coolest Ford Trucks From the 2017 Woodward Dream Cruise

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After witnessing hundreds of sweet trucks, we narrowed it down to our top five Fords from the iconic Woodward Ave.

The one and only Dream Cruise took place on the historic Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan, and Ford Truck Enthusiasts was on site. The 16-mile stretch of road displays many unique vehicles which can be enjoyed by walking the avenue, or just driving it (if you have the patience for bumper-to-bumper traffic). It is a crazy and surreal experience, as many of these cars and trucks are hardly seen outside of the Motor City.

Needless to say, we witnessed many stock and custom Blue Oval trucks during our full day at the cruise — and now it’s your turn to enjoy them.

1. 1948 Ford F-1 (Bonus-Built Truck)

Kicking off our coverage is this beautiful 1948 Ford F-1 truck that was on display at Ford’s booth during the Saturday event. Making it even more special was the fact that journalists were offered the chance to drive it!

This red beauty is a stock 1948 Ford F-1 pulled from Ford’s own historical collection. It is as factory as it can get.

If you read our story which celebrated the 100 years of Ford trucks, then you know that this is the truck that started it all! It kicked off the F-series lineup of trucks that still carries on to this day.

2. 1960 Ford F-100 With Eight-Foot-Long Stepside Bed

We stumbled across this pristine version of a 1960 Ford F-100 with a crazy-long stepside bed. We can’t imagine what it would be like if our roads were still plagued by these beauties like they were back in the day. Incredible!

Inside the cabin, you’ll see the care the owner took to clean, paint and restore the truck. It looks mostly stock except for the aftermarket tachometer, steering wheel, and shifter. Our guess is under the hood there is a non-stock engine, power-steering booster, and a non-stock transmission. Sadly, the owner wasn’t around to inquire about the details.

The stepside bed really caught our attention, as it looks like a custom job. This is just something you don’t see very often with many owners not taking that additional step to switch out the bed style. It is a unique look and, while not for everyone, we liked how it turned out.

3. 1960 Ford E-Line Van

Volkswagen Westfalia buses may enjoy a lot of love from car and van collectors, but Ford E-Line vans like this one shouldn’t be ignored. This van was definitely a head-turner on Woodward, and we got lucky to not only see it parked but also driving around on the streets.

We could only arrive at one conclusion, keep your VW Westfalia, we will gladly drive this one instead!

4. Loud & Obnoxious 1970s Ford

What’s a Ford truck write-up without some loud and obnoxious monster truck? Lifted, painted and with knobby off-road tires, this Ford truck was ready to get muddy. We mean literally, it says so on one of its stickers!

It is pretty cool to see the stock mirrors stayed on the truck along with the grille. Love it or hate it, it is a great mix of new-age and old-school truck.

5. 1940s Ford Sedan Delivery

Here is something you just don’t see very often. It is a 1940s Ford Sedan Delivery with two rear doors (a single door is even rarer). What we love about this Ford is that the owner kept the patina, clearcoated it and didn’t try to fix the rust. Talk about unique.

New wheels, an old-school front end, and some custom painted bits truly set this thing apart from the rest.

Out of all the vehicles on our list, this one really grabbed people’s attention with everyone trying to take pictures of it. It’s nice to see a Ford owner who’s not worried about a full restoration and simply wants to have fun with an old-school ride.

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Tim Esterdahl is a regular contributor to Ford Truck Enthusiasts and YotaTech. He also produces the weekly podcast Pickup Truck Talk.

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