2017 Ford Raptor vs. 2016 Shelby F-150 (Video)

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In the ultimate showing of ‘factory’ versus ‘aftermarket,’ two YouTubers compare the two best trucks you can  buy today.

YouTubers Jakub and Yuri run a fun channel called The Straight Pipes where they review cars and play off their two perspectives: enthusiast and Honda Element driver. Well, kidding on the second part, since Yuri calls himself a non-enthusiast. He can appreciate 700 hp and a blower though! Which brings us to their comparison between the 2017 Ford Raptor and the 2016 Shelby F-150. Turbocharged versus supercharged. Factory versus aftermarket. Bought versus built (kind of). Whenever anyone gets both of these trucks on screen, fun is sure to ensue.

The Raptor we all know well enough, with its twin-turbo V-6, 450 hp, off-road ready suspension, and 10-speed automatic. The Shelby, which starts as a Lariat with a 5.0 V-8, is then supercharged for a smile-inducing 700 hp (750 in 2017 models!) and gets a full treatment by the folks at Shelby. The guys are playing with one in Oxford White, with those iconic Shelby racing stripes. After quite a few hard pulls, it becomes obvious that 700 hp is more than 450 hp. The Shelby downshifts aggressively and roars, with that distinctive supercharger whine. Though not as quiet as a stock EcoBoost F-150, the Raptor sounds practically tame in comparison.

2017 Ford Raptor vs 2016 Shelby F-150

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