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Watch the All-New Raptor Do What It Does Best. Destroy Baja Trails

It’s no secret that the all new 2017 Ford Raptor is an off-road beast. The big surprise is just how easy it is to drive it off-road, even if you aren’t a skilled veteran of the trails. In retrospect, much of that capability comes from the all-new Baja mode. It’s one of six programmable driving modes which include Normal, Sport, Weather, Mud/Sand, and Rock Crawl.

With a simple push of a button, Baja mode morphs your Raptor into an unstoppable pre-running machine, at least for recreational purposes, as one should never drive beyond their limits. When you push that magical button, a number of things happen — really good things — as far as we’re concerned.


Immediately the truck is placed in 4-high, the transmission shifts at higher rpm, and shifts happen lightning quick. All of this happens to keep the engine in the optimal power band. The throttle map is adjusted for more linear power delivery, and AdvanceTrac is toned down to avoid too much interference.  In other words, more wheel-spin, more fun.

The results are very impressive as you can see in this video by TFLnow. After engaging Baja mode, the truck seemingly glides comfortably down a trail at speeds that exceed 80 mph. Despite the driver’s admitted lack of experience driving under these conditions, Baja mode makes him look (and feel) like a pro. Isn’t that what we all want?

It’s a real testament to the engineering that went into the 2017 Raptor. Baja mode is there to boost our confidence, but also keep us safe.

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