2017 Ford Raptor SuperCrew Wins the NAIAS Twitter Wars

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Joe Hinrichs introduces new Ford F-150 Raptor SuperCrew

This year’s North American International Auto Show is in the can, and we now have time to take stock of the announcements, the reveals, and recover from the parties. Twitter recently did that and took a look at the most popular vehicles and trends during the Detroit Auto Show media days. As it turns out, Ford’s Raptor announcement was king of the show.

In a blog post detailing the popular topics from NAIAS, Twitter declared the 2017 Raptor SuperCrew the buzz leader of the show. That’s a bit surprising, considering Lexus’s LC 500 announcement and the Buick Avista. But people love trucks, and people love the Raptor. It makes sense that people, like you, would talk about it.

As an interesting side note, the Chrysler Pacifica won second place on the buzz list, with the podium being rounded out by the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class. That Lexus we like? Fourth place.

No matter how well your vehicle resonates with the world’s motoring press, the people are ultimately the ones that need to be impressed. They’re the ones who ultimately spend money on the new vehicles. Ford should take this as a good sign for the new Raptor.

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