2017 Ford GT Will Have a Canadian Accent, Eh

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The 2017 GT is going to bring Ford roaring back into the world of exotic cars when it comes out next year. Perhaps most importantly, it will fly an American flag in the face of vehicles from Germany, England, and Italy. However, given a recent report, the Europeans should be getting a faceful of flapping printed maple leaf, too.

Ford will outsource the construction of its mid-engine stunner to Multimatic Inc., a Markham, Ontario, company with experience in producing and assembling products made out of carbon fiber. Although the next GT will have aluminum front and rear subframes, its body panels and passenger compartment will be made out of the high-strength, low-weight material.


So we know an important name attached to the 2017 Ford GT, but we’re still waiting to find out some important numbers, including the car’s price and the number of new GTs the Blue Oval will produce. We do know that production will start up in late 2016, though.

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