2017 Ford GT Packs a 600 Horsepower EcoBoost V6 Engine

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The all-new 2017 Ford GT made its debut at the Detroit Motor Show and we were surprised to learn that the carbon fiber supercar is packing the most powerful EcoBoost engine to date with a new twin-turbocharged V6 engine that produces over 600 horsepower.

“As we at Ford drive innovation into every part of our business, it’s worth remembering that our first innovation as a company was not in a laboratory, but on the racetrack,” said Mark Fields, Ford Prez and CEO.

Aside from the new EcoBoost V6, the supercar features rear-wheel drive, a mid-mounted engine, and a sleek, aerodynamic, two-door coupe body shell according to Ford.

“The GT is the ultimate execution of an enthusiast supercar,” said Raj Nair, Ford group Veep, Global Product Development.

“GT includes innovations and technologies that can be applied broadly across Ford’s future product portfolio – another proof point that Ford continues raising the performance bar while ultimately improving vehicles for all of our customers.”

The Ford GT goes into production in 2016.

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