2017 Ford Fusion and Escape Turn Up the Volume with Dual Radio Receivers

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Nielsen’s Audio Today: Radio 2016 report states that 93 percent of Americans listen to the radio every week. We also spend a lot time in our vehicles. The 2017 Ford Fusion and Escape have audio systems designed to make those numerous radio listening experiences more pleasant.

Those two models are available with Sony audio systems that feature dual receivers and use the rear-window heating element as a second antenna. According to Ford, this marks “one of the industry’s first applications of dual reception for HD Radio, which uses a special receiver to broadcast a digital signal over a traditional radio.”

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If you’ve ever driven through a city or a place with mountains nearby, you’ve probably heard interference caused by the radio signal bouncing off of the buildings or peaks around you and hitting your radio receiver twice. The dual receivers determine which one signal is the strongest and switch to that one to provide a smoother and clearer sound. That also means if you’re passing through an area where two different stations use the same frequency, you won’t hear any overlap between the two. You’ll just hear the station with the strongest signal, nice and clear.

Those aren’t the only audio improvements the Blue Oval made to the 2017 Fusion, though. The V6 Sport, Platinum, and Hybrid and Energi models, and Fusions equipped with the SE Luxury Package feature acoustic laminated glass on the windshields and front doors to keep out wind and road noise. Fusion Hybrid S and Hybrid SE models now come with nine speakers for enhanced Active Noise Control, which emits sound waves that counteract noise from the engine, transmission, and the wind outside the cabin.

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