2017 Ford F-150 Gets Built Up and (Even More) Badass

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F-150 gets visually transformed in three days.

It started with an anniversary gift. Dewey, the man who owns the 2017 Ford F-150 in the above Custom Offsets video, got the truck as an anniversary present from his wife, making it his very first four-wheel-drive pickup.

Soon the modifications started, thanks to Dewey visiting one of Ford-Trucks.com’s sister sites, F150Forum.com. He began learning more and more about wheel and tire combos, and offsets that would fit his truck.

Dewey eventually got himself a pretty cool rig. It looks as if he went with a slight lift, threw on some black wheels, and blacked out the badges. But as is usually the case with people modifying their vehicles, Dewey kept going – literally. He and his family traveled nearly 1,200 miles from Louisiana to Wisconsin to have Custom Offsets take his F-150 to the next level.

ford-trucks.com Custom 2017 Ford F-150

Over the course of three days, the customization company stuck with the previously established largely black theme, but made the truck look tougher and more intimidating. They replaced the stock grille with a glossy black three-bar unit. After lifting the FX4 by six inches, Custom Offsets bolted on deep-dish black wheels with bullet-style lug nuts wrapped in 35-inch rubber. They then put on riveted fender flares over that those beefy tires. Under the cab, they installed lighted power fold-out running boards.

Judging by Dewey’s reaction, his long trip was worth it. He’s floored by what Custom Offsets did with his F-150. We have to agree that it looks great. It’s not over the top, but it definitely stands out from other F-150s – especially in the vertical sense of the expression. It’s not clear whether or not this truck has powertrain or interior mods. If it doesn’t, we’re sure it’s just a matter of time until it does.

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