2017 F-250 Drifts through the Snow

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Ford F-250 Drifts in Snow

A 2017 Ford F-250, a drone and a little snow make for a unique look at some big-truck drifting action.

Most people buy a truck like the 2017 Ford F250 Super Duty with four-wheel-drive to make sure that they can get around safely in the winter weather. Some of those people like to use the combination of snow and four-wheel-drive to have some sideways fun and Instagramer e85gtr, or Daryle Wengerd, falls into that second group.


The IG account alumiduty recently uploaded the video below, showing Wengerd’s 2017 Ford F250 playing in a light snow from the perspective of a drone. This gives us an unusual birds-eye view of the Super Duty sliding around on the slippery roads.

F-250 Playing in the Snow

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The video begins with the 2017 Ford F250 drifting along a country road with the camera being carried by a drone that is flying out in front of the truck. During the course of the video, the drove records the F250 as it slides through a long, sweeping turn and wiggles down a series of straight, snow-covered roads. We get to see this sideways fun from pretty much every angle, including one high in the sky, as the driver shows off his drifting skills on the frozen road.

Rather than the roar of the F250, this video has an oddly peaceful song playing in the background. When combined with the serene, snowy driving scenes, this becomes an oddly relaxing video.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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