2016 Ford F-150 Named 2016 Green Truck of the Year

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Ford decided to switch to an all-aluminum body on the Ford F-150 (and now the Super Duty) for a variety of reasons. The primary one, of course, was weight savings. With nearly 700 pounds saved on the F-150 by switching to aluminum, the truck was drastically changed. The aluminum switch make the truck more green, which is why Green Car Journal named it their Green Truck of the Year.

Lightweighting has a ton of benefits, if you’ll excuse the pun. Towing capacity increases, making the F-150 have best-in-class towing. Payload also goes up, which allows the F-150 to have best-in-class payload. But with less mass to move around, the truck also uses less fuel. Combine that with efficiency of the new 2.7L EcoBoost, and you have a truck that’s environmentally-friendly at the pump.

But it took more than just slapping aluminum on the F-150 to continue to make it green. The way Ford handles the materials before they’re event attached to a truck also makes it green. The amount of aluminum they recycle is incredible, and makes the Ford F-150 less-expensive in the process.

It’s not the first award the F-150 has won, and it surely won’t be its last. Congratulations, Ford.

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