2016 Bronco Becomes 2017 Bronco in Biggest Case of Duh!

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April Fools jokes sometimes have a way of gaining traction. ThinkGeek has had such good luck with theirs that they often put them up for sale eventually as real products. But no amount of wishing will make the SVT Bronco re-appear, as the rumored truck is now rumored to be delayed until 2017.

Can a product that isn’t happening actually be delayed? According to the Internet, yes it can. Now that we’re nearly halfway through the calendar year of 2015, we’re starting to see a lot of what the 2016 model year has to offer. Would you believe that we haven’t heard a single word about the Bronco?

Ford has a lot on its plate right now, including the launch of the Shelby GT350 and Ford GT. There simply isn’t room for a Bronco right now.

Obviously, that must mean that it’ll be a 2017 model year vehicle then? That will only happen if you believe an April Fools joke can will an entire vehicle into production. Sales of two door vehicles are fairly slow in the United States, and body-on-frame SUVs have gone the way of the Dodo bird. It’d be a big ask for Ford to actually put a new Bronco into production and actually expect it to sell.

That doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen, but I have a strong feeling that the 2017 Bronco will quickly become the 2018 Bronco, then the 2019, then the 2020. You get my my drift.

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