2015 Super Duty Engineers Q&A: Part 2

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2011 Ford F-550 Super Duty
Ford’s engineers returned last Friday with answers to more questions about the 2015 Super Duty. Compared to last week, they got to hang around a little longer. Questions about frame rigidity, the 6.7-liter, and dampeners all get addressed in the summary below. If the mood seizes you, jump to the forum to ask your own questions and read what people are saying.

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Originally Posted by Y2KW57,

Here are some chassis, NVH, and vehicle dynamics questions for Mike DeJean, Pete Castelli, Mike Wegienka, and Dave Denmith.

These questions concern the 2015 F-450 pickup frame vibration dampener that in years past was mounted on the driver’s side rear hitch side plate (photo below). This part was first introduced in the 2008 F-450 pickup, but was retired in the 2011 F-450 pickup. In late 2013, at the Texas State Fair, the Chief Engineer of the Ford Super Duty announced that this dampener will be restored to the 2015 F450 pickup.


1. Is this still true?
2. Is the 2015 dampener the same as was in the 2008-2010?
3. If not, what is different about it?
4. If the F-450 pickup frame is the same as the F-350 pickup frame, why doesn’t the F-350 pickup frame also have a dampener? Wouldn’t the F-350 benefit just the same?
5. If the higher unsprung weight of the F-450 rear axle (Dana S-110 or S-130) is one of the contributing reason why the F-450 pickup gets the dampener and the F-350 does not, then why doesn’t the F-450 chassis cab (with the same heavier axle) get the dampener?
6. Since the F-450 chassis cab has a different (narrow, straight rail, higher section modulus) frame then the pickup, is it the frame itself that makes the dampener unnecessary in the chassis cab, or is the lack of a dampener in the chassis cab driven by cost control, customer expectations, or unknown completed vehicle weight?
7. Would it matter if the dampener were on the curbside instead of the road side?
8. Is the benefit of the dampener on the F-450 pickup most noticed when the pickup is unloaded or not towing?
9. Is there a minimum second unit body weight, or a payload weight, where the benefits of a frame dampener are cancelled / obviated?

Thank you in advance for your time in answering.

Ford Engineers,

1. Yes, the frame damper is back for the F450 Pick up in 2015.
2. It’s functionally equivalent.
3. Functionally, they are the same.
4. There are differences between the frames, the chassis and driveline components between F350 and F450, so the F-350 doesn’t require a damper.
5. There are many differences in the chassis and driveline between PU and Chassis Cabs along with F350 vs F450
6. The Chassis Cabs behave differently than the Pick up due to differences in the chassis (including frame) and driveline.
7. The damper location was carefully engineered to maximize benefit to our customers.
8. Unloaded or towing. The answer is that the damper is effective at many load conditions.
9. The vehicle should always be maintained, operated and loaded per manufacturer specifications to ensure safety and intended performance.


Originally Posted by Tomc750,

Are there different power levels available for the 6.7? I would gladly give up some of that power for better fuel economy. My trailer weighs only about 12K.

Ford Engineers,

All Super Duty pickups have common power and torque ratings for the 6.7L engine, with best-in-class horsepower and torque (440 hp/860 lbs.-ft.) and fuel economy. Also, please see our fuel efficient driving tips. The ways you drive and how large your trailer is can have big impacts. Here’s a link to some suggestions to help you get better mileage.


Originally Posted by UGA33,

Thanks for the visit!

Any plans to offer an air suspension/assist option in the future? Also, please don’t even consider deleting the solid axle from the Super Duty lineup.

Ford Engineers,

There are no current plans or news to announce about offering an air suspension for Super Duty. We constantly listen to customer feedback for new features and capabilities.


Originally Posted by IronCobra,

1. What upgrades have been performed on the frame of the F250/350 SRW trucks?

2. Is Fully boxed just a sales gimmick or are their scenarios where each excels (excluding the upfitter argument made by Ford engineers over the year).

3. Also, are their any intentions to equip the new SD with LED or HID headlights and LED tail lights?

Ford Engineers,

1. None.

2. Our frames are designed to exceed the expectations of our customers.

3. We constantly listen to customer feedback for new features and capabilities but we don’t have any plans to announce about HID or LED lamps.


Originally Posted by Sgt93,

Have the radiators been upgraded? I know the previous years have had a high failure rate.

Ford Engineers,

There are no changes to the 2015 F-Series Super Duty radiators.


Originally Posted by powerstroke72,

Are the 6R140 transmissions in the 2015 Super Duty going to be less problematic than in the earlier models?

Ford Engineers,

Thank *you*! On this one, we’re constantly monitoring customer feedback about all Super Duty components and we strive to continuously improve performance, reliability and durability. We’re proud of today’s and earlier transmission performance.


Originally Posted by biz4two,

Hi and Thank you for your participation on FTE!!

Quick Question:

1. Will the 2015 Auto tranny be just as aggressive with the upshifts as the 2011, 2012, 2013, etc.?? It always wants to be in the highest (6th) gear. Always.

The tranny always wants to be in the highest gear possible. But it doesn’t know that when you are slowing down (rush hour traffic), that it should downshift. Not until the gas pedal is pushed down a little…does it want to downshift. ALWAYS wants to be in the highest gear…meaning 6th. Always.

Thank you!! Once again…Welcome to FTE!!


Ford Engineers,

Thanks for having us. The transmission shift-points when not in tow-haul are calibrated to provide optimum fuel economy when in auto-mode. While there have been shift schedule and calibration refinements to the 2015, the shift schedule strategy is still to operate as close to lugging limits as possible for fuel economy. In tow-haul the shift schedule is modified to provide optimum performance while towing.


Originally Posted by mrjc,

And any plans for a larger fuel tank in the short bed for us RV pullers who hate fueling up often. The extra power and tranny improvements are nice and we love our current 6.7 pulling power, but the tiny fuel tank and worrying about fueling often is a real pain. Thanks for your feedback

Ford Engineers,

We constantly listen to customer feedback for new features and capabilities but don’t have any plans to announce about larger fuel tanks for the short bed Super Duty.


Originally Posted by JeffD11n,

Welcome to the site guys.

I think it’s really cool that you care enough about your design to grab the bull by the horns on a truck junkie site like this.

I just brought home my new 2015 F350 Lariat the other nite and have a few questions.

I was under the impression that glow plugs were a thing of the past with the 6.7. I have the little yellow coil light in the dash and the diesel supplement guide mentions glow plugs.

1. Do I infact have glow plugs that go down into the combustion chamber or do I have intake manifold heater coils that are being called glow plugs?

2. Is this engine direct injection or does it have pre combustion chambers?

I thought that only pre combustion chamber engines used glow plugs and direct injected engines used manifold heaters.

Please set me on the straight and narrow.

Ford Engineers,

Thanks for having us and congrats on your truck. The 6.7L is equipped with glow plugs mounted in the cylinder heads.

The 6.7L is a direct injection diesel engine.

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