2015 Super Duty Engineers Q&A: Part 1

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You asked the questions, they answered. Ford’s engineers stopped by last Friday to answer some of the questions you all asked them last week. There were a lot of questions. I transcribed the ones they’ve answered so far below. They’ll be back next Friday to answer more.

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Originally Posted by encho,

2015 Super Duty? Is time for a change already? Welcome guys .
What is the origin of the axles for the next gen? Sterling? Dana? and which particular models and gearings will be available?

Ford Engineers,

Thanks for the question! 2015 F-Series Super Duty pickup trucks feature Dana Super 60 front axles. Our most capable Super Duty pickup, the F-450, uses a Dana S130 with 4.30 final drive ratio. F-350 (dual-rear wheel) uses a Dana M80 rear axle.

All single-rear wheel F-250 and F-350 rear axles are from Sterling with a 3.31 ring and pinion. The Power Stroke diesel is available with a 3.55 rear axle. F-350 dual-rear wheel has standard 3.73 rear axle or 4.30 with the max tow package.


Originally Posted by rebauto

How about some fuel economy speculations? It is surpassing the competition in hp and tq, but in doing so, is fuel economy going to suffer and fall below that of the competitors?

Ford Engineers,

Absolutely not! In fact, we will have best in class fuel economy for the segment.


Originally Posted by BigF350,

Thanks for joining us!
The question I have are in regard to the updated 6.7 powertrain.

  1. One of the things I like about my current 6.7 is the (relative) lack of turbo lag. Is moving to a larger, more conventional turbo going to affect this?
  2. On the press release material, it states that there have been some changes to the high pressure fuel pump for 2015. Can you elaborate in as much detail as possible on these changes? Some users here have experienced fuel pump failure on the 6.7, causing expensive damage to the rest of the fuel system on the truck – have any of the changes that you have made to the fuel pump helped to mitigate failure, or at least make it fail more gracefully? (not take out the rest of the injection system with it)
  3. Could you go into more detail as to the new exhaust brake functionality? How is it actuated? Does it just retract the vanes on the turbo to provide more exhaust back-pressure? Have you tested how much retardation the exhaust brake applies? (like larger trucks do, to SAE J2458) If so, what is the rating of the brake?

Ford Engineers,

Great questions. We’ve enhanced the torque converter to improve turbo response in line with the increased size of the turbo. On the new high pressure fuel pump, we increased the camstroke to pump more fuel, and that fuel is used to make additional power for our best in class ratings. On the exhaust brake, we increased engine exhaust braking horsepower. With the improvements, it’s a lot easier to hold speed down a grade.


Originally Posted by nojoke327

Also. I know the towing has went up but will these new figures comply with the new sae standards

Ford Engineers,

Thanks for asking! The 2015 F-Series Super is rated according to our internal tow testing standards. We have started to apply SAE’s J2807 tow testing standard to our all-new vehicles, such as the 2014 Ford Escape, 2014 Transit Connect and 2015 Ford F-150. Future all-new models will also comply with the standard, though at this time certain heavy-duty pickup trucks over thirteen thousand pounds gross vehicle weight rating are not currently included under SAE J2807.


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