2015 Ford Flex is a Worthy Wagon for the Fast & Curious

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2015 Ford Flex Limited - 20150819_103236

Ford sells a boat load of cars and trucks every year, but some aren’t as popular as others. The Ford Flex is one of those vehicles. It’s lauded by the owners and the media, but sales aren’t fantastic. I assume that in part due to the fact it’s a wagon and not a SUV, like the Explorer. But as you all know, wagons are cool, and this is definitely a wagon worth looking at.

The Flex might not be Ford’s most popular vehicle, but the vehicle still makes money for Ford and they don’t plan on discontinuing it anytime soon. Why? Because fans are insanely loyal. Ford has a loyal percentage of over 40% with this vehicle, making it the most popular vehicle purchased again by previous owners. After spending a week in it, it’s easy to see why.

2015 Ford Flex Limited - 20150819_103338

It’s Fast

The $49,450 Limited model we had in for review is powered by the same 3.5L EcoBoost V6 found in the F-150 and the Explorer. Making 365 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque, it quickly gets up to speed and is plenty of power for daily use.

In addition to being fast (heck, it out dragged a Viper recently in an 8th-mile run), the EcoBoost V6 actually sounds like the engine is supposed to. Unlike the F-150, Ford is not piping in pre-recorded V8 engine noises through the stereo. It’s refreshing to actually hear the real engine noise.

2015 Ford Flex Limited - 20150819_103435

It’s Spacious

The Flex is a crossover capable of carrying up to 7 passengers. If you prefer, you can order the second row with heated captain’s chairs, lowering seating capacity to 6. Middle-row passengers have plenty of legroom, and they even have their own climate control to stay comfortable. Rear seat passengers should be left to children, but the seats are usable.

2015 Ford Flex Limited - 20150819_103530

The rear seats are of the power folding variety, meaning that with a push of a button they can fold out of the way and completely flat, giving you tons of storage space to carry things.

Front seat passengers have a decent amount of legroom, but I did find the driver’s side legroom a tiny bit cramped. I wish the seat went back further.

2015 Ford Flex Limited - 20150819_103549

It’s Practical

It’s a rocketship, for sure. But it’s a practical rocketship. In addition to the storage space, practicality is enhanced by the inclusion of all-wheel drive. This means the Flex is useful year round.

Additionally, the panoramic sunroof allows plenty of light into the cabin, and also allows the kids something to look out of on long road trips.

2015 Ford Flex Limited - 20150819_103357

Our vehicle came loaded with automatic parallel parking, radar cruise control, MyFord Touch, heated and air cooled seats, and more. It has everything you could want out of a modern-day vehicle.


Since it’s the 3.5L EcoBoost, it’s fuel efficient if you stay out of the throttle. I could easily get 24 miles-per-gallon or higher on the highway cruising. The downside is, once you dip your foot into the throttle, that number can drop quickly. Over the course of the week, I got 20.8 miles-per-gallon. That’s not too shabby considering the amount of people and stuff this thing can haul.

The looks are a bit polarizing, but if you like the way it looks, the 2015 Ford Flex gives you a lot of utility and performance for a modest price. It is a hidden gem in the Ford lineup, and one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Chad Kirchner is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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