2015 Ford F-150 Power Wheels Torture Test

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F-150 Power Wheels Torture Test

Coinciding with the launch of the 2015 Ford F-150, the folks at Power Wheels worked to bring a F-150 Power Wheels toy to market. Working closely with Ford, they unveiled the new product at the 2014 Ford Trends conference.

The switch to aluminum has allowed Ford to build the most capable F-150 ever, and has been extensively torture tested. However, does the Power Wheels F-150 handle the abuse as well as the truck it’s modeled after does? That’s what this video aims to find out!

The premise is simple; will a Power Wheels F-150 at wheel of a full-size truck be enough to support the weight of the truck? The folks at Motor City Solutions, who manage Ford’s fleet, jacked up a new F-150 weighing 4,120 pounds and sat it down on four Power Wheels F-150 trucks.

They constructed a bracket so that the wheels would sit on top of the truck, but the Power Wheels itself would be the only thing supporting the weight.

2015 Ford F-150 Torture Test

Of course, it held. They lower the jack completely and the full-size F-150 sits suspending in the air by the Power Wheels toys. To further prove their toughness, one of the Power Wheels is started and driven away after the big truck is removed.

F-150 Power Wheels Preproduction

Ford and Power Wheels have worked closely on this new project. A week before its unveiling, spy photographers spotted the new Power Wheels being towed behind a new F-150 in camouflage in Dearborn.

The toy F-150 has a real FM radio with auxiliary input for an iPod, as well as functional LED headlights. A real tailgate and shovel means kids can get real work done while having some fun.

Too bad we didn’t have Power Wheels this cool when I was a kid!

The Fisher-Price Power Wheels F-150 is available in four colors and retails for $350.

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