2015 Ford F-150 Hits the Mud and Lets Its V8 Roar

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Today’s video features a nicely-equipped 2015 Ford F-150 playing in a muddy and chewed up field. Details are limited, but thanks to the Flowmaster 40 Series mufflers, we can tell this F-150 clearly has the 5.0L V8, and we know that the stock tires have been replaced with a set of BFGoodrich KO2 all-terrain tires.

The beefy BFG tires allow this new F-150 to dig its way through the mud, quickly scooting from one side of the pit to the other in the shallow and drier sections of the pit. The video by, kieronfb’s channel, keeps rolling as the truck turns around and cruises through the wetter portion of the mud hole a few more times.

While the spelling in the description is a little rough, the person who posted the video is right – this F-150 sounds awesome while in action, so crank up your speakers and hear that V8 roar!

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